Should You Hire a Designer, or Should You Become One?

Big question! And keep in mind, the answer is coming from a professional designer – I’m making a living out of the design business. Some could say I’m crazy for telling you what I’m about to say.

Graphic Designer

WHO do I have in mind when I put this question? Well.. it could definitely be you, since you are reading my blog. Maybe one of your hobbies is photography and you want your images to pop and have an extra touch… maybe you like taking pictures of people (just like me) and you want to add a little bit of glam to their look .. maybe you have a blog or a website and you want to create your own banners and images… or maybe you just want your Facebook pictures to look great and add some text on them… The answer for both questions: “Should I hire a designer?” or “Should I become one?”, is “Yes and yes!”.

So why and when should you hire a professional designer?
If you are in need for amazing images that deliver your message in a timely manner, then by all means you need to hire a professional designer. You won’t like every designer’s style and probably you won’t afford some because of pricing.. but I assure you, YOU  CAN find a designer who will fit your needs – and when you do, stick with him :)

I will give you my personal example. I worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, in different kind of industries – this translates in thousands of image files and who knows how many hours discussing with clients and fine tuning what they need. Being a freelancer, has pushed my “designer” limits and I had to become a good communicator and a marketing strategist. So my advice is, if your business depends on the image you display, then you need a (freelance) professional designer. Shoot a question if you want to know more.

 Should you try to become a designer?
If you ask yourself this question and the thought has crossed your mind, then the answer is already “Yes! Try it!”.
Will it be difficult? Maybe, but not likely. Hey, if it’s not for you, you can always stop.
Will you like it? Maybe. I started in small steps(I write about it in this article), I liked it and became a full time job for me.
Will you make it? Maybe or maybe not… but if you don’t start you will never know.

I can definitely say that in 4 weeks you can learn enough to decide if you want to pursue developing this skill or not. In the article “Become a designer in 4 weeks” I explain a few simple steps… the first and very important, is that you need to understand WHY you are trying to learn. Check it out and find out what I mean.

Whether you want to hire a designer or want to become one, I can help! Let’s start a conversation and figure out how.
If you have any friends that you think would appreciate the answer to these questions, please share this article with them – might be a breaking point for some. 😉


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