How Science Fiction Books Can Help A Graphic Designer

I do know that for some designers, music is the key that unleashes their creative juice. For me, it is reading. At some point, I asked myself what does reading have to do with graphic design? And I guess “everything” is the best answer. When I read, my mind is focused on building for me an image of the story, I visualize what I read and somehow it collects a series of details that trigger practical ideas. So, it’s relaxing and yet problem solving – time well spent.

I read any book that is recommended to me by a trusted person, but the kind of books I like reading most are Science Fiction novels. One of my preferred SF authors is Orson Scott Card, an  American novelist, critic, public speaker, essayist and columnist. He is best known for his novel Ender’s Game (1985) and its sequel Speaker for the Dead (1986), both Hugo and Nebula Award-winning books. Also, in 2013 a film adaptation of Ender’s Game was released, which Card co-produced.

I’m writing this post thinking about Card’s concept of “Aiúa”, which first appeared in “Speaker for the Dead”, continuing in “Xenocide” and “Children of the Mind” – books from the Ender saga.  “Aiúa” can be thought of as the physical representation of the soul and it seems that the term was inspired by the Sanskrit word for “life”.  Even though the story is long I highly recommend you all to read Ender’s Game series. But what I wanted to mention is how pumped I am about the idea of the “Aiúa”, taking shape outside the universe, just from a thought of a sentient being. I guess it’s every designers dream – thoughts taking shape and soul! Might also be a pessimists nightmare, but that’s another story.

Aaaand… since I couldn’t let this post go without a cool image, it seemed appropriate enough to manipulate a movie poster image and add my son in it. He loves the Ender’s story too and has an article about it on his blog. Do you want ideas on how to create poster manipulations like this? Ask away, I’ll try to respond with some helpful tips.

Ender's Game and Graphic DesignersWhat unleashes your creative juice? Tell me! I’d love to know.


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