The very first post…

I started writing this post years ago and didn’t get a chance to really post it earlier. After all these years of creating websites and advising other people on how to make their voices and ideas heard through a blog, the time has come to launch my own little personal space online. So here I am!

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle this, or if I’ll truly be able to express myself well enough, but I’ll definitely try. This is going to be my legacy… for my nephews to go back in time reading this blog, for them to get to know me better through this and in doing this I hope I could be a role model for them some day. :)

I intend to write about everything that goes through my head… my day to day life, books I’ve read, music I like, graphic design, Photoshop, freelancing, social media, the human brain, philosophy and who knows what else I’ll be learning in the future. This is going to be a space for my thoughts and learnings on various things that interest me. So stay tuned.

There will always be plenty of things to be added, modified and optimized, which is why I’m looking forward to constructive suggestions from you my readers.

Happy Reading! 😉



Alexandra Vezure

Mother, wife, friend and confidant. Graphic designer delivering high quality, creative services for over 10 years. Master in Adobe Photoshop (Brainbench License 8036895). Member of Social Psychology Network. Passionate about people and people's images. Read more on the about page and let's connect on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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