Interstellar, The Movie

Interstellar, The Movie

Anyone who knows me, can tell you what a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies I am. So when I’ve heard that Interstellar is in cinema, I grabbed my son, my husband, called a few friends and jumped in the car to go see it. The nearest cinema is an hour away from where we live, but that made the trip even more exciting.

Interstellar has a 9.1 rank on IMDb and went directly on the #11 in the Top 250 list (that’s big). [Be aware, spoilers ahead]

Written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan, directed by Christopher, the movie is a 2 hours and 47 minutes saga that takes us on one of a kind story. Humankind is (again!) threaten by an apocalypse and a handful of people are working on finding a way out. Most of the characters in this movie are engineers or scientists, but Nolan does a great job revealing their human part, the struggle, the feelings, the relationships.. he puts love, right in the middle of everything as a unquantifiable higher dimension force.

In an eco-crazy Earth period, Cooper, the pilot-turned-farmer, lead by ghostly forces discovers that NASA still exists and wants him to go on an exploratory mission through a wormhole beyond Saturn. Leaving his family for the sake of the future concerning all humanity, he joins a group of explorers and spends months (that are equal in decades on Earth), searching for a new home for the humans. Meanwhile his children become adults and he almost loses hope of ever seeing them again… But, special things do happen to special people…

The core music of the movie was written by Hans Zimmer in one day, after reading one page letter, no extra details about the plot or the characters… Zimmer said he did it with his mind on an idea found in that letter, that stuck into his head : “Once we become parents, we can’t help but look at ourselves through the eyes of our children.”

The image you see in this article, is a poster created by me. If I would have done the real deal, I would have spent more time on the details, but this is just a quick mockup of the idea I had in mind. I always like to play around and imagine how I would design a poster for a movie I like.. but this time it was more than that. Nolan says: “For me, the whole movie is about what it means to be a dad.” I felt like the official posters didn’t tell the story as it should and Murph / Jessica Chastain didn’t had the place she deserved, right in center of the action.. after all, she was the one to save the world, right? :)

To sum it up, Interstellar is a great movie, a story in a story, layer over layer… human nature in its pure essence, with good and bad. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dream about it. Go see it!

If you already saw it, tell me your thoughts about it. I want to know!


The images used to create the poster are screenshots from the movie and pictures from an amazing article on Entertainment Weekly.

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