Exceptional Photos: “Day to Night”

Something incredible I thought of today was – “Day to Night” – Stephen Wilkes exhibition since 2011, an exhibition that will never age, in my opinion. Each mesmerizing image was composed of about thirty to fifty parts, carefully chosen from over hundreds of photographs shot over at least ten hours at one particular location. The result is a collection of excellent composite illustrations, made ​​to reflect a surreal vision of New York City life. I’ve searched the internet to see if I can still find it and yes it’s still there! Here you can see more images from this amazing collection.

Stephen Wilkes is a photographer well known for his abandoned structure photo series – “The Dark Side of Ellis Island“. His creations have been featured in publications like Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and New York Times Magazine. He is one of those must-follow creative photographers. 😉


[whohit]Photos Day to Night[/whohit]

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