What Bill Gates Was Doing, When I Was A Baby

Bill Gates

Today I found this photo of Bill Gates. According to All That Is Interesting, the photo is dated 1983.. and it struck me: I was born in 1983! This guy was already working on the stuff that made computers so accessible for many of us. What an wonderful way to be able to touch so many lives without even knowing. … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Ask For Help On Social Networks?

Help on social media

Some people do. And yes it works, it works, it works! It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I saw Carl Syc’s tweet. Here was a young rapper from London UK, selling his music on iTunes and looking out for some help. Yes, sir! This is the age we are living in. Carl was in a search of a designer who could play around … [Read more...]



The very first post... I started writing this post years ago and didn't get a chance to really post it earlier. After all these years of creating websites and advising other people on how to make their voices and ideas heard through a blog, the time has come to launch my own little personal space online. So … [Read more...]