4 Eyes Room: Interview With Jane Long – Bringing Old Photos to Life & Creating Fantasy Worlds

4 Eyes Room

Some time ago I discovered Jane's work and I was blown away! I knew I had to talk to her and share with you her thoughts, so I sent her a message asking if she would mind if I would send her a few questions for an interview on my blog. She was very graceful and answers back in the same day! I had this interview ready … [Read more...]

4 Eyes Room: Interview With Archie Campbell

4 Eyes Room

Today, I have the great pleasure to bring you Archie Campbell. A young Freelance Videographer & Photographer based in Wiltshire and London. He describes himself as being a highly skilled camera operator, editor and producer working on corporate, music promos and short films. I discovered Archies work thanks to a … [Read more...]

Exceptional Photos: “Day to Night”


Something incredible I thought of today was - "Day to Night” - Stephen Wilkes exhibition since 2011, an exhibition that will never age, in my opinion. Each mesmerizing image was composed of about thirty to fifty parts, carefully chosen from over hundreds of photographs shot over at least ten hours at one particular … [Read more...]