Should You Hire a Designer, or Should You Become One?

Learn Graphic Design

Big question! And keep in mind, the answer is coming from a professional designer – I’m making a living out of the design business. Some could say I'm crazy for telling you what I’m about to say. WHO do I have in mind when I put this question? Well.. it could definitely be you, since you are reading my blog. … [Read more...]

4 Eyes Room: Interview With Archie Campbell

4 Eyes Room

Today, I have the great pleasure to bring you Archie Campbell. A young Freelance Videographer & Photographer based in Wiltshire and London. He describes himself as being a highly skilled camera operator, editor and producer working on corporate, music promos and short films. I discovered Archies work thanks to a … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Ask For Help On Social Networks?

Help on social media

Some people do. And yes it works, it works, it works! It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I saw Carl Syc’s tweet. Here was a young rapper from London UK, selling his music on iTunes and looking out for some help. Yes, sir! This is the age we are living in. Carl was in a search of a designer who could play around … [Read more...]