Do You Ever Ask For Help On Social Networks?

Some people do. And yes it works, it works, it works!

Twitter conversation

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when I saw Carl Syc’s tweet. Here was a young rapper from London UK, selling his music on iTunes and looking out for some help. Yes, sir! This is the age we are living in. Carl was in a search of a designer who could play around with his images and put together a cover idea for his future EP. Since I like talented young people, I was in for the challenge. We exchanged a few messages and I got working on the task. I played around with the images and made a few versions – My favorite is this:

Help on social media

Twitter is a popular platform for interesting interaction and a great forum to seek answers to your questions. I for one, try my best to answer all of those who shoot a question to @alexandravezure. Does that mean I will work for free for all queries coming through Twitter? NO! :) But I will definitely answer your questions and share tips whenever I can.

What is your experience with interaction on social networks? Does it work for you?
Tell me. I want to know!


[whohit]Do you ever ask for help on social media[/whohit]

Alexandra Vezure

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  1. says

    Actually, people who ask help on social media are potential customers for businesses. For instance, if I were to ask for some tech help that requires a lot more effort than the next person, the business would approach me after looking up on a keyword and offered me a service to fix the issue. So in this case, as the guy tweeted on Twitter, someone looked up on the feed of any tagged “#photoshop” and wait patiently until a potential customer pops up. And when that happens, BAM! There’s a sale.

    This is pretty normal, hence the encouragement that all businesses must utilize this social medium to find more customers to get more sales.


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