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AmbitionA few days a go I stumble upon a great short movie, that I had to talk to you about. It is called “Ambition” and it was created to bring public attention on Rosetta, ESA’s mission to rendezvous with, escort and land on a comet. This mission has arrived at its goal after decades of planning and flight through our Solar System and it aims to search for clues of our own origins and unlock his hidden secrets. Rosetta has gathered intriguing data and images, and now is set to land on the comet, on 12 November 2014. [later edit: they made it!]

Ambition“, illustrates in some way the essence of what defines us as humas – to learn, to reach impossible goals, to attempt difficult things, adapt and evolve. Directed by Tomek Baginski, the 7 minutes movie had its first public screening in 24 October, during the British Film Institute’s celebration of “Sci-Fi: Days of Wonder”.

Baginski, a self-taught cartoonist, animator and art director, gave up studying architecture for making movies. In 1998, “Rain” – a student film, become his passport to Platige Image (a Polish company founded in 1997, specializes in computer graphics, 3D animation, and digital special effects) where he currently serves as a creative director. His movies, “The Cathedral” (2002), “Fallen Art” (2004) and “The Kinematograph” (2009), brought him international success. You can see some of his work on Vimeo.

To spark your curiosity, I’m going to tell you just a few things about the movie: – it is about a Master (Aidan Gillen – Littlefinger of “Game of Thrones”) and his young Apprentice (Aisling Franciosi), acting as gods and turning rubble into planets, moons, asteroids and comets, while talking about the beginning of their knowledge, the first mission that chased a comet. Enjoy!

If you wonder about the image of this post, I made it overlaying a few screen shots of the movie, blending modes and some color adjustments. Has “Ambition” accomplish more in 7 minutes, than “Gravity” did in 90? What do you think?

  • It seems I have a special passion on playing with movie posters. You can see some here and here.

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Movie, images and info, courtesy of Platige Image & ESA.

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