What Bill Gates Was Doing, When I Was A Baby

Bill Gates

Today I found this photo of Bill Gates. According to All That Is Interesting, the photo is dated 1983.. and it struck me: I was born in 1983! This guy was already working on the stuff that made computers so accessible for many of us. What an wonderful way to be able to touch so many lives without even knowing. … [Read more...]

10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop. I Bet You Will Love Number 3!


After working with Photoshop so many years, all tools and shortcuts seem to be so familiar that I forget how important they are in my work process. In the beginning, I was always eager to learn new ways to use the tools and new shortcuts that would help me become more efficient. In a future article I will talk more … [Read more...]

4 Eyes Room: Interview With Jane Long – Bringing Old Photos to Life & Creating Fantasy Worlds

4 Eyes Room

Some time ago I discovered Jane's work and I was blown away! I knew I had to talk to her and share with you her thoughts, so I sent her a message asking if she would mind if I would send her a few questions for an interview on my blog. She was very graceful and answers back in the same day! I had this interview ready … [Read more...]

How To Inspire A Better Product Experience


Today, I have the great pleasure to host a guest post of my friend Mike Bal! Mike says about himself: "I'm very happily married to my wife, Ciara, and we have the most amazing son in the world, Lincoln. I'm a former competitive boxer and my interests span from tech to toys and anywhere in-between." He is the Creator/ … [Read more...]